As a Developer on the Walmart platform, we provide many services you can leverage. All of these services are in partnership with Walmart I/O and we are presenting them below. Feel free to read about them below and visit their sites to learn more.


Electrode is a platform for building universal React/Node.js applications with standardized structure, best practices, and modern technologies baked in.

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OneOps is the platform as a service system powering all cloud applications in a cloud agnostic system. This allows our ecommerce and other systems to run seamlessly across private and public clouds.

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TestArmada is a fleet of tools for making cross-browser end-to-end testing fast, user-friendly, and valuable at scale, across large teams, without those annoying false positives.

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Hapi is a rich framework for building restful API services that lets developers focus on writing reusable business logic.

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The Joi validation system is used to validate JavaScript objects based on a rich descriptive schema. Schema validation is the process of ensuring that objects match pre-defined expectations.

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