Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what kind of user I am?

No problem, you can create your profile as a Developer for now as the site is optimized for those roles first and foremost. If you find you need to be an Affiliate, let us know and we can change that for you. Initially, Walmart I/O is not going to differentiate much between all the roles but as this product evolves, so will the functionality.

I see this site requires credentials for it's login. What data will you leverage?

We only care about the username and login and your actual name. All details about your purchase history, credit card details, or demographic data (such as addresses) will never be brought over to Walmart I/O.

What if I do not have my public/private key pair?

Easy! Just visit this link and it will get you started on the process. Walmart is not a certified authority on generating these key pairs and you will have to visit certifiate authory to complete your application.

Can I see applications others have created?

Sadly we do not have such a platform in place. This will be part of our overall roadmap so please subscribe for updates and we will be in touch.

Are there any limitations to the kinds of applications I can build?

As long as your imagination can build it and it leverages the Walmart Open APIs, you should be abel to build anything. Please visit this link to create your account and start the validation process.