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Our site is focused on Affiliates and third party Developers. If you are interested in becoming a Walmart.com Supplier, Drop Ship Vendor, Marketplace Seller, or Content Service Provider, click hereto get started on our sister site.

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Here are a few reasons to get started

Walmart I/O will be able to learn more about what your needs are and provide more customized services.

You can subscribe to content so that you get updates when new services are released or updated.

You will be able to upload your public key and link it to an application for future reference.

It's easy to get started!

We are so thrilled to have you join the Walmart community! We are building for the future and you will be glad to be a part of that ride!

If you don't want to create an account, you can just jump right to the documentation.

Identify how you want to interact with the Walmart catalog.

You will choose the Affiliate path or the Developer path based on whether you plan to earn revenue by linking Walmart.com to your website or building an application on top of our APIs.

Create your account.

We leverage the Walmart.com profile so that it can be convenient to get up and running on Walmart I/O. Your account will be linked here but we won't leverage anything from your profile as we simply want to make it easy for you to get started! If you do not have a Walmart.com account or want to create a new one just to like here, you can also do that from our site.

Link your application.

Whether you plan to link your website to our widgets or build on top of your API, we give you the opportunity to provide the details about what you are trying to build so we can integrate with you better.

View your dashboard

After your account is all setup, you will have a dashboard to manage the details you entered through Walmart I/O. You will be able to manage the services you need to integrate into our platform. As we add new features, you will see them first through our dashboard so you can revisit often!

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