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Affiliate Marketing API

Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing API

The Affiliate Marketing API is a useful collection of RESTful services that allow developers to earn referral fees by creating apps that help users to find and purchase products on

Use cases

In general, the Affiliate Marketing API provides a complete toolset for accessing the full range of information and metadata about products available on Some basic uses of the API include:

  • Retrieving the full details about a product from an extensive list of product attributes.
  • Performing a search for products by category, using categories provided by the taxonomy service.
  • Gathering the product reviews for a given product.

More advanced applications of the API include:

  • Retargeting customers based on previous product views or purchases, using the post-browsed products service.
  • Finding similar items if a particular product is unavailable or out of stock.
  • Upsell to a customer with products that interest them using the product recommendations based on their shopping history.
  • Present a customer with products that are currently trending, or offered at discount prices to increase click-through rates, using special feeds

First steps

  • If you are new to working with REST services, but would like to get started right away, take a look at the quick start guide to run your first query using the API.
  • If you’d like to get completely set up to make full use of the API, take a look at the QuickStart
  • If you want the deep technical details, take a look at the API specification.